For the safety and enjoyment of everyone who visits the Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center, there a few important rules and etiquette about expected behavior inside the center, as well as about driving to and from the center during the winter months.


  1. Each individual using the PIRC must sign a waiver within the calendar year and a copy of that waiver must be on file with the Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center.
  2. Organizations that are current members of USRA do not need to provide additional insurance. Organizations that are not USRowing members, must provide a certificate of insurance from their liability carrier naming USRowing as additional insured. This is in addition to the requirement for individual waivers.
  3. Click the link to find the USRowing Waiver.

PIRC Usage rules and etiquette guidelines

  1. No running – water splashed from the tanks may create slippery surfaces.
  2. No food. Only water bottles are allowed in the PIRC. We do not want additional nutrients for mold.
  3. Please keep conversations low and noise to a minimum. This makes it easier for new rowers to hear instructions.
  4. If there is a group using the PIRC before your group, please do not start any warmup on ergs until 10 minutes before your assigned start time. The ergs are not owned by the PIRC, and are not available on an "open gym" basis.
  5. If there is a group using the PIRC after the group you are with, please don't stay and use the ergs. (See the previous note).
  6. Don’t sit, lean or hang anything on the railings.
  7. Do not operate any tank house controls (impeller speed, thermostats, lights, etc.) unless authorized by the PIRC Manager (Brad Sayer).
  8. The PIRC Manager must approve and confirm all schedule changes/additions.
  9. The PIRC Manager has complete authority for the rowing center. Please follow any directions or orders given by the PIRC Manager.

Winter Automobile Rules

  1. If the gate is closed, the facilities are closed. For school groups, check hotline for status: 585-234-7463. If you are a Master's group, you should contact your coach.
  2. DRIVE SLOWLY at all times. The parking lot and hill may be icy.
  3. Car pool when possible.
  4. RIGHT turn only when exiting facility.
  5. Exiting vehicle at the top has right-of-way over entering vehicle.
  6. Exiting vehicles should wait at the bottom of the hill until the top area is clear. If you don't do this, and the hill is slick, you run an increased risk of getting your left front bumper banged up.
  7. Be kind. Accept the fact that others may not be as experienced as you with the difficult driveway, and visibility is impaired at the top of the driveway.
  8. Try to space departures to prevent congestion at the top of the hill.
  9. Park only in plowed areas.

Questions? Call PIRC Manager: PIRC Manager 585-381-9560.
Effective 24 Jan 09


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